Railfan Sites in Idaho

A self-guiding railfan tour

Railfan, railfan--where do you see trains in Idaho?

Mapwork: If you're going to be looking for railfan locations, you'll need an industrial strength map resource. I definitely recommend you get a DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer, study it before your trip, and copy pertinent pages for your field work. You can find information here about Railfan Maps that are available.

Cities And Sites


(1) Ted Curphey, the "Funnel Fan," has put together two excellent pages covering, respectively, Cheney-Spokane and Spokane-Sandpoint. There is a ton of material in those pages, and I've listed many of the highpoints, although you'll have to kind of work thru the pages to find each location. These two "pages" represent a total of about 17 pages of typed text and photos, so there is a lot of really good stuff here.

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