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Railfan, railfan--where do you see trains in Wyoming?

Mapwork: If you're going to be looking for railfan locations, you'll need an industrial strength map resource. I definitely recommend you get a DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer, study it before your trip, and copy pertinent pages for your field work. You can find information here about Railfan Maps that are available.

Cities And Sites

THE ORIN LINE (November 1998)

In an article primarily dealing with AC powered locomotives in the Powder River Basin, the On Location feature of the November 1998 issue of TRAINS Magazine* dealt with the photo locations in the Basin. It was an excellent article, and was accompanied by an truly outstanding map detailing every single highway overpass in the Basin. If you've got this article, and can't find the tracks, you'd better take up another hobby, because maps don't get more useful than this.

*[Note: This material was adapted from info provided by TRAINS Magazine in November of 1998. If you don't subscribe to TRAINS , well, you should. It's an excellent publication. Get on its web site here. ]