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Railfan, railfan--where do you go to see those elusive trains?

Here are over 3,470 fun and, hopefully, productive places to watch trains. The emphasis is on "fun," as the objective for most railfans is to enjoy themselves. If you're visiting a town, and want to take some train pictures, then you need to know where to go, and most traditional railfan guides give you this info. However, there is more to life than just taking pictures of trains (especially if your spouse and family have accompanied you on this trip!), so it's also pretty nice to know where a neato Bed & Breakfast or motel is, a good place to eat, etc.

This site is set up by state and city, as is reasonable, but I've also included the date I visited the site. In those cases where contributors have sent me detailed information, I've included the date that info was sent to me. Why include these dates? Some railfan guides I've seen are more than 15 years old--have you ever driven out of your way to visit an engine facility which obviously has been gone since before the Pennsylvania Railroad merged with the New York Central?

Information which is not from me personally is credited with the source. This includes material sent to me and included on the state/city pages, as well as information which Web authors have allowed me to hotlink directly. When you click on a city/site which takes you to another web site, please take a moment and explore that site; you'll probably find much of interest, besides just a guide to one site or city.

Note that this railfan guide is growing nicely, but is still far too incomplete. If you have a good spot to include, e-mail the info to me here Please give me the following if applicable:

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: I do not recommend or condone walking along the tracks, as this means trespassing or exposing yourself to danger. You will have to be creative, in some instances, to avoid trespassing while getting to the detailed locations included herein, but you will either have to be creative or not visit those sites. At no point in this tour guide, or any other tour which is part of Frograil, is it recommended that you trespass or expose yourself to danger. If you are a fool and have a leg cut off (or worse), don't come crying to me: You have been warned. Trains are big, powerful, and often surprisingly quiet. Don't end up being a statistic.

DISCLAIMER: Reasonable efforts have been made to assure that the locations and sites detailed within Frograil are accurate, safe, and not on railroad property, unless otherwise noted. No guarantee can be given with regard to the material on Frograil, however, so bring common sense and a friend along when railfanning.